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Fishing guide services Happonen

Guided sport fishing trips in Finland

Fishing guide services Happonen Ky provides its services at Pirkanmaan and  Central Finland areas.
Operating area comprehends also other locations, if needed.
I am among the first pedagogically  qualified fishing guides in Finland.

In Lake Finland we have clean and beutiful waters, full of great possibilities in sport fishing! The variety of species is quite wide. In white-waters you have the possibility to fish rainbow trout, planted and naturally breeded trout. In the lake and pond destinations you can go after pike, zander and perch. All natural species and naturally breeded.   Fishing is possible around year!

Contact: +358 400 547 098, +358 44 362 2563,

IGFA captain

I have been operating as fishing guide longer than anyone else in Finland, since 1991 and  as full-time sport fishing guide  since 1995. I am also the only IGFA captain and only pedagogically qualified sport fishing guide in Finland. In addition I have written several sport fishing related articles in various magazines and operated as sport fishing educator around Finland.


My services

Fishing guide services Happonen Ky is speaking and acting for sustainable fishing. In our fishing trips we obey personal catch quota. The fish that clients want for food are chosen among suitable sized fish. We return especially the big fish back to the water, after a possible photo shoot.

I offer a wide variety of services among sport fishing. For example:

  • Guided sport fishing trips by boats at lakes and from shore at ponds and rivers
  • Mentoring and planning fishing events for physically challenged
  • Classes and courses of sport fishing/guiding
  • Programs related to sport fishing
  • Sport fishing competition events
  • Theme seminars of sport fishing/guiding

Especially close to my heart are sport fishing trips for special groups. My equipment and fishing spots are suitable for physically challenged so fishing is convenient and efficient.

Services for larger groups

Fishing guide services Happonen Ky provides also sport fishing trips, meeting- and lodging services for larger groups with my professional and trusted colleagues.

Contact: +358 400 547 098, 044 362 2563,


Main lake destinations

  • Vilpunreitti/ Vilppula
  • Keurusselkä/ Mänttä
  • Saravesi/ Vatianjärvi

Other areas and spots also possible if agreed.

Main white-water destinations

  • Vilppulankoski
  • Kuusaankoski

Other areas and spots possible, if agreed.

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